• Our events are all run by Volunteers.  We are always looking for more help!
  • The SCCA Solo Rules page can be found at the link below. Please reach out to us if you have specific questions and we would be happy to help.
  • All participants and any riders in a car on course must have an approved helmet.
    • DOT or ECE Helmets will not pass tech. You must have a Snell rated helmet that is 2010 or newer certification.
      • See SCCA Rule Section 4.3.1 or click here for PDF of approved certifications. 
    • Badlands Region SCCA does have a small number of loaner helmets available for use and will be reserved for registered participants. We will ask for a Driver’s License to hold during use. Depending on the event(ex. GFAFB) you may need to share or return after each set of runs. 
  • If you damage equipment such as timing lights, radios, etc. you will be asked to help pay for replacements. If there is an incident where you cause damage to the facility you could be asked to help pay for the repairs.


  • All participants and spectators will need to sign the waiver while on site. Anyone who drives or rides in a car on course needs to be a SCCA Member or have a SCCA Weekend Membership. 
  • All participants will have a run group and work group which will rotate throughout the day. If you do not help by completing your course work assignment during the day, your times will be removed and marked as DNF(Did Not Finish). 
  • If time allows and we do fun runs, anyone who stays to participate in them must also stay and help clean up cones.
  • Minors: Anyone under the Age of 18 will need a specific minor waiver signed by parents. Please email the club for info on this as we need to do this in advance of an event in most cases.
    • The only minors allowed to ride on course are registered participants of the event.


  • All vehicles will go through a tech inspection to check for tire condition, battery tie down(no bungee cords), seat belts, helmet, check for loose objects and other basic safety checks. For the most part, 4×4 and “High Profile” vehicles such as Trucks and SUVs are not allowed unless they have been very heavily modified. Any vehicle of this sort will need to be approved for use and inspection prior to the event date. 
  • All vehicles will also need to be classed per SCCA’s official classing. We can help with classing if you email or message the club info on your car such as: Year, Make, Model (be specific if there are multiple variants), and modifications(Suspension, Exhaust, Engine Swaps, etc., and also what size wheels/tire and what kind of tires are on the car)
  • If you have any sort of “kart” and would like to participate, please reach out via email prior to the event as there is extra safety gear required, and we need to have info on karts attendance in advance. Please note that only motorsports type karts are allowed to be used(no off-road go-karts, atv, or side by sides)
    • Karts are not allowed at our BSC Community Bowl Events.